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Mastering is the final step of the music production process. It is the last chance to make your recordings sound as good as they possibly can. The mastering process involves a series of adjustments that can add polish, depth, detail and impact. This final step can help communicate and reinforce the message and emotion of your music.

Why Master Your Music With Patch Hill?

  • Each project is approached as a custom program. Special attention and respect is given to the intended direction of your project. A great amount of effort and planning has gone into writing, arranging, performing and producing your mixes. Good mastering will support and enhance all of these efforts.
  • With experience and an objective perspective, your recordings will progress, sounding more balanced, finished and refined.
  • Accurate monitoring and quality tools are used to ensure that your recordings will be optimized to sound their very best on a variety of playback systems.
  • Competitive levels are an important factor of today's music. It is possible to optimize levels without destroying the musical dynamics. Mastering is not about how loud the music can be made to sound, it's about knowing how to make music feel and sound more powerful.
  • Advancements in modern recording have made it possible for many artists to record and produce their music in project studios. Sometimes these independent recordings require some maintenance in order to sound more polished and standardized.
  • Even a great sounding recording can benefit from the mastering process. Subtle adjustments to the frequency spectrum and dynamic range can make a great production sound even greater.

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